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Trend Report 2013 Q2

Our Q2 2013 Mobile Barcode Trend Report provides the inside scoop on who’s scanning, what attracts them, and why these connections are revolutionizing the way people interact. QR Codes are a common sight in the worldwide market—with scanning activity continuing to grow, especially among value shoppers. In fact, statistics show that users scan over three times per month on average. Read More »

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Trend Report 2013 Q1

This Q1 2013 Infographic offers vital insights into the who, what, where, and why of scanning over the past few months. Be sure to check out the new charts in this report and let us know if you’d like to learn more about using the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. Read More »

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Trend Report 2012 Holiday Report

Welcome to our inaugural issue of the Mobile Barcode Trend Report: Holiday Shopping Edition. Numbers speak volumes and this year barcode scanning is up over one million scans vs. last year. These are impressive numbers that continue to showcase that consumers are information hungry and eager to engage. The analytics shared in this infographic spans the two weeks surrounding Black Friday—when scan rates accelerate the most. Read More »

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Trend Report 2012 Q1

This ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report for Q1 2012 takes a look at key trends over the past twelve months as well as some vital insight regarding market adoption from both Smartphone users and mobile marketers. Read More »

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Trend Report 2011 Q4

Our Q4 2011 ScanLife Trend Report looks at the busiest quarter of the year for mobile barcodes and some year-end growth comparisons to 2010. Mid-November through December proved to be another big period for activating new users as people are searching for product information and millions of new Smartphones were activated. Read More »

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Trend Report 2011 Q3

Our Q3 2011 ScanLife Trend Report marks the one-year anniversary of the inaugural report. For the occasion, this edition will look at just how far mobile barcodes have come in the last 12 months. Read More »

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Trend Report 2011 Q2

Our 2011 Q2 ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report looks at the overall growth in barcode scanning, details 2D (QR) code publishing trends, 1D (UPC) code scanning trends, and finishes with some audience profile data about the end users. Read More »

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Trend Report 2011 Q1

Our 2011 Q1 Mobile Barcode Trend Report looks at the latest data and analysis from barcode scanning aggregated across 30 countries around the world. Mobile barcode scanning consists of the traditional UPC or EAN barcode which is found on virtually every package, or the newer 2D or two-dimensional formats including QR Code, Datamatrix, and EZcode which are placed on marketing or media material. Read More »