Client - Citysearch & Discovery

Client: Citysearch & Discovery
Country: United States
Placement: Hospitality
Interaction: Large Business

The Challenge

Both Citysearch and Discovery had content which they wanted to distribute to people in San Francisco when they needed it most - on the go. They wanted to deliver this information based on the location of that person in a quick and easy way.

The ScanLife Solution

Citysearch distributed over 500 static window clings to restaurants and store owners. Each cling included their own code which gave people an immediate link to store hours, and the latest user reviews. 

Discovery had audio tours that it wanted to distribute to tourists that needed a little more info when walking around town. Codes were strategically placed on outdoor ads in popular tourist locations, which immediately linked to audio tours for that specific neighborhood. 

Thousands of people scanned, the local TV and newspaper covered the technology, and the project won a MediaPost outdoor industry award.

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